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 We are seeking top-notch Agents that understand that real estate isn't changing..... Real Estate HAS changed! 

As companies like Rex, Opendoor, Perch, and EasyKnock attempt to eliminate Agents from the traditional real estate transaction model,  it's important that you keep 100% of your hard earned commission. 

At 210 Real Estate Pro, L.L.C., we give  you the tools to put Your Career First! 

You paid for the classes. You paid for your license. You paid for your MLS access. You hustle to get clients. 

Why are you not keeping 100% of your commission?! 

For a low monthly fee, we provide you with the latest technology in the industry to grow your business...and keep your hard earned profits. 




Michael A. Gonzalez

TREC Lic. #9007236 office: 956-524-8040 Mobile: 210-602-4874

210 Real Estate Pro, L.L.C. / TREC Lic. #9007236

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